slimming down iPhoto

Für mich zum Nicht-Vergessen:

Paste the following into terminal:

mkdir ~/.Trash/iPhoto-Originals
cd ~/“Pictures/iPhoto Library/Modified/“
find . -type f -exec mv „../Originals/{}“ ~/.Trash/iPhoto-Originals/ \;

Basically, if a picture exists in the Modified folder, then there must be a backup of it in the Originals folder. Thus, for each picture in the Modified folder, this script will move its corresponding Original to the trash.

NOTE: iPhoto still thinks these images have „backup“ Originals, and will still present you with the option to „Revert to Original.“ Not to worry, if you try to revert to an original which has been erased by this technique, nothing happens.

NOTE 2: You may see a bunch of „No such file or directory“ errors. That’s OK – when you import a movie, a generated thumbnail also gets thrown into the Modified folder. The error comes because it thinks this generated thumbnail has an original image, but it doesn’t. Furthermore, the movie is untouched.

You get a folder in the trash with the pics that have newer modified versions so you can easily check all is well before giving them the final chop.

(Hat mir 697MB Platz geschaffen.)


2 Gedanken zu „slimming down iPhoto

  1. Thomas

    Well, the thing is, the folder modified cannot be found as in is within the package 🙁 of the new iphoto.

  2. Thomas

    Yes, the folder in question is inside the package „iPhoto Library“. To see it, you can right-click on the package and choose „Show Package Contents“.
    Seems as if the syntax for the terminal command has changed. You have to type:
    cd ~/Pictures/iPhoto\ Library/Modified/
    Note the backward slash before the space.

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